The Magic Theif

I liked the magic thief because of the style it's written in.It says things
like "keen gleam looks and "fast breath,quick hands". It's about an orphan named Connwaer
who gets apprenticed to a magician called Nevery, and he has to find his locus magicalicus
(the center of his power as a magician) in 30 days, or he can't be Nevery's apprentice anymore.



Gregor the Overlander


Gregor the Overlander is the first book in a series. It is about a boy named Gregor and his sister Boots who fall down a vent in their laundry room and find an underground world. All of the animals are giant, giant rats, giant bats, giant spiders, giant cockroaches, giant mice. He meets the queen, an 11 year old girl named Luxa, and her bond, a bat named Aurora. He discovers that the entire 'Underland' is in the middle of a war, with the humans of Regalia and the rats at its center. He sets off a chain reaction, and finds that he plays a huge part of one of the Underland's prophecies, as their warrior, who appears in every prophecy that the underland has received.