I read a book called Chancey of the Maury River. It is about a girl named Claire and she goes to a stable every week and does chores. Then one when Chancey arrives, a beautiful albino horse, Claire feels bad for him. Claire takes care of him for a while until he is strong enough to ride. When Claire rides him for the first time she figures out he can jump really good. Claire and this women from the stable, train Chancy more to make sure he is really good. When they are done training him, Claire enters them in a cross country race. When the big day comes Chancy and Claire are nervous. When the race finally starts Chancy and Claire are in the back. They jump over fallen down trees and little streams and gallop through fields. When Chancy is neck and neck with another horse, 100 yards from the finish, Chancy gallops ahead and wins! Claire gets a surprise in the end, Chancy is given to her!!


Joey's Book Log

I read a book called Beauty the authers name is Bill Wallace. This book was about a boy and he had to go live with his grandpa who bought him an old horse and her name was Beauty. He had ridden before, and thought that it was going to be easy, but beauty was diferent than the horses he rode. Soon he got used to his grandpa and beauty and started liking them a lot. Then his grandpa got stuck in the hay baler and had to go to the hospital. Then one stormy night when his grandpa was in the hospital Beauty escaped from her pasture and headed down the driveway to the cattle guard. Luke saw her going down the driveway but by the time he got there it was to late. Beauty was stuck in the cattle guard and her two front legs were broken and bleeding. Luke calls his grandpa and he tells him, his grandpa tells him there is nothing anyone can do, so Luke is left with no choice but to shoot his horse. After that he gets a new horse that is just like Beauty and is as happy as can be!!

I read a book called the Wizard of Oz by Frank Baum. It is about a girl named Dorothy. There is a tornado and her house gets caught in it and when the tornado drops the house the are over the rainbow. The munchkins tell her and her dog todo, to follow the yellow brick road. she meets three things, she meets a scarecrow, a tin woodman, and a lion. Dorothy tells them she is going to see the wizard of oz. The all needed to ask him something themselves so they followed Dorothy on the yellow brick road. When they get there the oz tells them that they need to get the wicked witches broom stick. So the go and get it but but it isn't easy. They end up trowing water on the witch and she melts. They take the broom stick and go back to where the wizard is. They figure out that the wizard is a real person, and the all get what they want.


IRead a book called Dream of Night by Heather Henson. It is about a girl who goes to a foster home. The women who takes care of her finds sick horses and take care of them until they are better. The girl hates the women and the horses, until one day the women gets am horse that got beat up and had lots of scape's and matted up fur. The girl starts to like the new horse and names him dream of night. Then one night the girl called someone and thought it was her mother but it was a murderer. She goes outside to wait for her mom to come but instead of her mom it is the guy who she called. He grabbed her and dragged her to where dream of night was and choked her so hard she could't breath. Then he tryed to get dream of night and he knocked the guy out. Then dream of night stood over the girl until the women came. She turned out to be ok in the end and loved the horse and the women!!



I read a book called Because of Winn Dixie. It is about a girl who finds a dog in a groccery store called Winn dixie. She brings him home and shows her dad and he doesn't let her keep him. he calls the pound an d they are going to com get him in a week. In that week the dad starts to like winn dixie. When the pound lady comes the dad doesn't let them take winn dixie. the girl makes a lot of friends in the town, and even throws a party.