I'm reading a book called chase it is a horse book so fair there there kids and they saw a black horse in the woods. and they are trying to get him to get ust to them.
then I'm reading two diffrent books the names are tug love and red alert tug love is about a golden trever dog that is love uaball. Red Alert is about a dog that is hurt and its a alert to get to her.

Jessica should I read these books? Ez
yes jessy

i read a book a few weeks ago and i really like it the name is turtle in paradice its a good book some of the names are park chop,beans,slopoke and turtle in paradice at first i thought that it was a turtle that when't to paredice but it was not it was a little girl that had to stay with her ont because her mom left and din't tell her doter so she stade with her mom's sister.And turtle in paradice when't to this place with her ont and she was a the end of the dock and a bout when't by and stoped and asked if she's turtle in paradice's mom.She said yes so he said that i know your mom and she said how he told her he said that well she's my girlfriend so she said do you know where she is and he said yes so pork shop,beans and turtle in paradice and her ont got on the bout and then they took of after a wile turtle in started to call turtle in paradice's mom's boyfriend slopoke. P.S if you wan't to know more read the book it's the best.