Mockingbird By Kathryn Erskins
I read a book called mockingbird 2 weeks ago. It is about a girl named Catlin and in her own words tells about what it has been like since her brother got shot.
She is in 5th grade snd she has something called asbergers syndrome. Her brother died when a classmate of his starting shooting people at the school he shot a teacher Catlin's brother Devon and after everything he shot himself. Everyone thinks since she sucks on her sleevse and slobbers evrywhere ahe is weird and because she has no friends and didn't act like them even though it wasn't her fault.


I have been reading a seris called Artemis Fowl I'm on the 4th book of the seris. It is about a kid named Artemis and he is a devious intelligent evil mastermind. He meets fairy people underground and becomes friends with them they go on all these adventures together. HE has a bodyguard named Butler who protects him.THey have a criminal named Mulch who helps him on the way and a evil who naed is Opal Koboi who tries to kill them because they had her in acoma for a year so she is out for revenge to kill all the people that had something to do with her getting locked up gor so long so she already killed two 5 more to go. Right now what is happening is Holly and Artemis are trying to escape the trolls they are at the the top of Artemis pyrimid trying to find and exit they are doing this because Opal caputured them and brought them there to be killed by the trolls so they couldn't stop her newest plan she made. What will happen next.