I've read this book called Jake its about this boy (Jake) who's mom is in the hospital because she broke her leg when she fell on the ice. Then he never met his granddad before and got to get in touch with him. His mom came out of the hospital at Christmas. They all were together for Christmas.
So I would advice you to read this book.

I read a book called origami yoda and it was really funny!!!

jessy give me a reason why I should read this book :] :] :] :] p.s. i like what you read and wright :] :] :] :] yes you should read this book.

Jessy what book r u talking about I could answer your question. Ez

I read a book called half brother and its about this boy that has a chimp as a brother and they have to give him away.
If you like animals I think you should read this book.

One Crazy Summer was a really good book. It was about a girl that she went to see her mother for the first time. She did not like her mother in the end but she liked her a little more then in the begining.