Brianna's Book Log

I read the book Mr. Popper's Penguins . It is about a man named Mr. Popper who is fond of the Antarctic and the Arctic and a man that finds things there and makes movies about what he finds there . The man gave Mr. Popper a penguin to take care of.The penguin gets lonely and Mr.Popper buy another penguin and then the two penguins had 10 babys and Mr.Popper started teaching them how to make them do acts just like seals. Mr.Popper got alot of money for them doing acts. At the end of the book he has a choice to ether keep the penguins and get a lot of money for them performing or let them Arctic for a research project to see if penguins can servive there instead of living in the Antarctic. He chose to let them go to the Artic. He ends up going with them to the Arctic with them to make them feel safe. It was a really good book.

Wish Stealers

I read the book Wish Stealers. It is about this twelve year old girl that gose to her neighbor's anteke store. His great aunt was there and she gave the named Griffin a penny, rock and and a ring. She was also given a lot of pennies that had words on them and she was not able to give them up or she would be cursed for the rest of her life. Griffin had to trick people to take the pennies and make a wish and then she would not be cursed because she did not own them any more . I do not want to spoil the rest so that is all but it was a very good book.

A Sereis of Unfortunate Advents The Bad Begining

I read the book A SEREIS OF UNFORTUNATE ADVENTS the first one that they have made. It is about these three kids parents died in a horrible house fire. They lost everything. They were made to live with there evil uncle that they never knew. Their uncle is planing on taking all of their fortune that is in the bank. The oldest kid violet is not able to have all of the money until she is of age! But that does not stop Count Olaf. He creates a fake play that is called the great marage and is planing on marrying Violet. That is the only way he can get the money. Violet cant say no because her yougest sibling is in a bird cage on a high tower. Count olaf said that he would drop sunny the little girl off of the tower. Violet has to say yes and she has to right on the paper that she is going to marry him. She ended up righting her name not with her normal hand and and then she did not have to marry him at last and she got back Sunny. Her brother was the one that resurced the info about maraige. It was a very good book. I hope you can read it sometime!!