In the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a boy named Charlie, along with four other children and their parents (or grandparent), go into the famous Wonka Factory (guided by the famous Willy Wonka). All the children [except for Charlie] get into trouble in some way. I recommend this book to people who have great imaginations.

In another book called Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, Charlie, his family, and Willy Wonka all are in the factory's glass elevator. I won't tell you the rest.

In yet another book called The Witches, a boy (I don't know his name )lives with his grandmother (because his parents are dead ). I won't tell you the rest, because that would make me a spoiler, but if you believe in magic and love adventure, this is the book is for you.
Hi i read the chrlie and the choclate factory too HI BRENDAN!!!!

Hi brendan how is your new school Colt 4/16/12