The Secret Life of the Underwear Champ By Betty Miles
This book was really good because it has a very interesting cover it a kid named Larry in his underwear it is very funny. Later in the book Larry gets a job as being a character on T.V. SO he goes to the exact spot where they are shooting the commercial . So during that time he goes into the dressing room and puts on the special underwear for the commercial . When he is in the commercial he has to take off his pant and do the shoot in the special underwear. Then a couple weeks later after the shoot his teacher gave him a homework assignment to watch a specific channel and a specific show and he ends up being on that channel that was viewing his commercial.

Choose your Own Adventure the Tattoo of Death
In this book My character was being a normal person walking down the street. Then 2 guys came up behind him and knocked him out cold then when he woke up they gave him a tattoo of a red flower on his right arm close to his shoulder. I chose keep reading it because it starting to get interesting

I recently finished The Extrodinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp. It was a really good book because it had a lot of action and it involved knight and secret agents. I chose to read it because the cover looked very interesting because it showed 2 swords and a ferrie Enzo. then on the back it told that Alfred and his uncle were going to steal the X Caliber that belonged to King Arthur and gave the person that wields it gives them immortallity. Then after they get done stealing it they found out that they gave sword to they find he is like on top 3 most wanted list by secret agents