Ashley's book log
Romana The Brave Romana. 9/22/11 Thinks she is bigger than Beezus. Beezus is in sixth grade and has an awesome teacher and Romana doesn't have a good teacher.But her teacher turns out to be a really nice. Her mom tries to confince her not to play brick factory. Her friend lies about big whole in her house(they are building an addittion).

  • Amber Brown Is Not A Crayon. 9/27/11Her best friend is moving to Alabama and she not happy because her parents are divored and she has nobody except her mother. But she didn't get over very fast. She finds a new best friend.
  • Bully for you teddy oosevelt 11/29/11 Teddy shot a woodchuck and ask his mom to boil it. Teddy married a woman and she wanted to get married on Teddies birthday. Then